Table of Contents

1.Download and first run 2

2.Adding activities. 4

  1. Download and first run

Please be aware that this plugin is only part of the bigger solution. This solution contains external service for which you have to bought access first. Please visit site for more info or contac us at

To download TrackIT ConstrLog Microsoft Outlook plugin, click on the option „Get Add-ins” in the email message menu:

In the MicroSoft Store look for the 'trackit' plugin:

When you found it, install it:

After installation the new option „TrackIT ConstrLog” in the message menu should appear:

Click on the option „TrackIT ConstrLog” in the menu. The new window should be opened, with the list of the construction sites assigned ot you:

  1. Adding event

Open the plugin. You should see the following content:

The first step is choosing the construction site:

The next step is choosing the type of the event:

The next step is choosing the trade(please note that this field can have different name for different clients) of the event:

To add the event, click „Add event”:

If event has been added without a problem, you should see the following message: „Event successfully added in TrackIT service.”

In case of any problems, please contact us: